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Webshop Progène ADN is now live


In France, DNA tests for dogs, cats or horses can be easily ordered at the webshop of our distributor Progène ADN in France. Progène ADN and CombiBreed will provide local service to French breeders and owners.

In the CombiBreed webshop all of our DNA tests for dog, cat or horse can be ordered online. After submitting the order, the status of the webshop order can be tracked in your personal account. Once the DNA test is finished, the result can be viewed and downloaded in your personal account. A notification will be sent by e-mail whenever the status of your order changes. For performing DNA-tests based on cheek (buccal) swabs please use the swabs provided by our laboratory.

Together with all our strong partners we have the opportunity to offer our products with excellent local service. The collaborations also fit the strategy to provide DNA tests and combination packages of DNA tests for a very attractive price.