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Distributors for VHLGenetics in Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal


Wageningen, The Netherlands, January 2018 — VHLGenetics has signed distribution agreements with four new distributors active in Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal. Four partners will market the products of VHLGenetics in their local territories.

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, VHLGenetics will be represented by PharmaDNA, a well-known company with primarily human applications until now.

In France, the group of Progènes will be the distributor for animal applications.

In Italy, representation will be provided by Agrotis S.r.l. with the brand name Laboratory Genetics and Services (LGS), a society under the control of the Italian Association of Breeders (AIA).

In Portugal, INNO Laboratório Veterinário will be the distributor of our dedicated canine and feline portfolio.

The agreements allows the local groups to sell VHLGenetics’ products in their home territory. Being a specialist in the field of genetic applications, the addition of dedicated genotyping and mutation detection is a welcome addition to the product portfolio.

The new collaborations fit the strategy of VHLGenetics to further sell complete packages of DNA tests under brand names for highly attractive prices. “It is highly important for VHLGenetics to build global networks based on brands for specific markets”, said Dr. Wim van Haeringen, the CEO of VHLGenetics. “With the increasing capacity to perform routine DNA testing, collaboration with local partners is a very attractive way to offer highly developed tests locally in the native language”.

In recent years, VHLGenetics has been focusing on collaborations with strong partners. Previously, distribution agreements were signed in Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Information about the local partners:

PharmaDNA is a leading DNA testing company in Baltics, based on professionals and innovations. It focuses on complicated situations and newest solutions.
Progènes was founded in 2013 with the main activity of cattle semen marketing. Now Progènes has opened Progènes-ADN to facilitate access to animal genetic testing through the performance of VHL Genetics.

Agrotis S.r.l. offers comprehensive solutions in quality, research and technology for veterinary, livestock and food industries since 1980. Its wide portfolio of genetic tests combined with its team of experts makes LGS an ideal partner for companies demanding a complete service in lab testing and consulting.

INNO offers comprehensive solutions in quality, research, safety and technology for veterinary market since 2007. Its wide portfolio of tests combined with its team including veterinarians makes INNO an ideal partner for companies demanding a complete veterinary clinical diagnosis, ensuring a high-quality care.