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BioBank and VHLGenetics launch new company ScandiGen Lab


Hamar, Norway, July 2021 — The companies BioBank and VHLGenetics have started-up together the new genotyping laboratory ScandiGen Lab in Hamar, Norway. For both companies this was a logical next step after BioBank became a VHLGenetics distributor in 2017. The successful cooperation has led to the establishment of ScandiGen Lab that unites the knowledge and strengths of both companies.

As a VHLGenetics distributor, BioBank forwarded samples to the lab facilities of VHLGenetics during the past couple of years. With the establishment of ScandiGen Lab, the opportunity is created to test samples from the Scandinavian based clients locally in the modern ScandiGen Lab facilities. This enables both companies to offer the best possible service in animal DNA testing in close proximity of their customers. The ambition of ScandiGen Lab is to become the preferred genotyping service provider for Norway, Sweden and Finland by gradually expand its business and scale-up it’s services.

“The goal of ScandiGen Lab is to become the partner for genomics-based solutions in the Scandinavian market. The services of ScandiGen Lab will help breed organizations and individual breeders to increase the health, welfare and performance of their animals”, said Daniël Mioch, the CEO of VHLGenetics.

“I’m very pleased BioBank and VHLGenetics set-up this Joint Venture. It will open up many opportunities as ScandiGen Lab can offer a broad range of DNA-tests in the Scandinavian region”, said Sigbjørn Gregusson, the CEO of BioBank.

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Information about VHLGenetics:

VHLGenetics is a leading service provider with three business units in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. For over 30 years DNA has been the core of the organization, serving customers with research and routine genetic tests. Tests are based on materials originating from animals, plants and micro-organisms. VHLGenetics continually improves its products and services to maintain its leading position.

Information about BioBank:

BioBank is a Norwegian animal gene bank for livestock, pets, fish and plants, established in 2005 and owned by three main breeding companies of Norway. BioBank operates a secure and robust freezing storage system, performs high-quality DNA extraction with dispatches to subcontractors, pedigree control for livestock and pets, routine and advanced sampling, project design with easy client information imports and more.