CombiBreed® for breeders

Packages of DNA tests for a sustainable selection

The unique CombiBreed® dog, cat and horse combination packages have been developed specially for breeders and owners. CombiBreed® offers an optimal combination of several DNA tests for an attractive price and gives more information about the genetic background, genetic disorders and phenotypic characteristics, such as coat colour.

This genetic information helps breeders to carry out a sustainable breeding policy. With the results of CombiBreed®, a breeder can prevent a genetic disorder from being passed in the breeding line.

Owners can use the CombiBreed® results to find out more about their animal's genetic health. Where necessary, based on these results, preventive treatment can be started.

The DNA tests for pet dogs, cats and horses can be easily ordered in the CombiBreed® web shop. Customers can fill in all data in their own account on the website and send the samples to the laboratory or specialized local distributor of their own choice. Orders can always be tracked online. Once the test result is known, it is placed in the same account.

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